Fireworks! Fun, Facts and lots of Photos for the Fourth

July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. What’s not to love about sunny weather, backyard barbecues, parades, national spirit and—of course—fireworks?! FIREWORKS! While fireworks have long been a hallmark of Independence Day celebrations in the United States—the first was in Philadelphia in 1777—the explosive concoction is much older than our nation! The first fireworks probably originated in China nearly 2,000 years ago. … Continue reading Fireworks! Fun, Facts and lots of Photos for the Fourth

#TeachNatGeo: Classrooms Around the World

The classroom is a sacred space. It may look different around the globe, but the classroom is a place where students come to learn, make friends, and get inspired. It can also be a haven, a shelter, and a place to eat. Here are six classrooms from around the world, from Nepal to New York. 1. Kathmandu, Nepal. 2. Sarju, India 3. Nairobi, Kenya 4. … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo: Classrooms Around the World

A Teacher’s Galápagos Photo Gallery

This past September, Michael Presser, a teacher at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, California, traveled to the Galápagos Islands as part of the 2015 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program. The Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program is a professional development opportunity made possible by a partnership between Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Education. Here are a few of Michael’s photos from the expedition. Want to know how … Continue reading A Teacher’s Galápagos Photo Gallery

The #TeachNatGeo List: “Ah-HA!” Moments

Every educator strives to inspire that special moment when a student gets it. Nat Geo staffers share their favorite “Ah-HA!” moments from school in the gallery below. Educators like you have stories, too, and we want to share them! Chat with us and each other on Facebook and Twitter using the #TeachNatGeo hashtag. We’ll share some of our favorites as the conversation grows. Continue reading The #TeachNatGeo List: “Ah-HA!” Moments

The #TeachNatGeo List: Kindergarten Memories

Teachers and classrooms leave students with memories that last a lifetime. The start of the new school year had Nat Geo staffers reminiscing about their first year of school. Click on the gallery below to see how each image represents a kindergarten memory. What do you remember from kindergarten? Chat with us and each other on Facebook and Twitter using the #TeachNatGeo hashtag. We’ll share some of … Continue reading The #TeachNatGeo List: Kindergarten Memories