Educator Spotlight: Designing Solutions to Conservation Challenges

Kimberly Waite guided her students through a design challenge inspired by a collaboration with National Geographic Explorer Erina Molina. Students gained background knowledge of the dugong, an endangered marine mammal, through interdisciplinary learning projects. Then, they designed a prototype of a net and boat with the goal of preventing dugongs from being caught as bycatch.   Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Designing Solutions to Conservation Challenges

Pixel by Pixel, Taiwan Maps Its Maritime Claims

WORLD Seven countries lay claim to parts of the South and East China Sea, the strategic waters through which 50 percent of the world’s shipping tonnage passes, and under which vast deposits of oil and gas may lie. Taiwan is pushing its first-ever mapping project to back up its own claims—which are as large as mainland China’s. (Christian Science Monitor) Use our MapMaker Interactive to … Continue reading Pixel by Pixel, Taiwan Maps Its Maritime Claims

Bright Lights, Makati City

WORLD Makati City, known as the financial center of the Philippines, can now boast another distinction: It is the Selfie Capital of the World. (Time) Use our resources to explore self-identity through media. Discussion Ideas Watch our “picture of practice” video “Understanding Self through Media.” Seventh-grade teacher Karen Daley works to create “media-to-self and peer-to-self connections.” Adapt the classroom discussion for the Time article on … Continue reading Bright Lights, Makati City

Crisis Mapping the Philippines

TECHNOLOGY When disaster strikes, chaos can ensue—especially on social media, where thousands of Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagrams can overwhelm human capacity to get a clear picture of who needs what. “Crisis mapper” Patrick Meier is harnessing the information-gathering power of social media to improve the speed and effectiveness of typhoon-relief efforts in the Philippines. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to learn more about … Continue reading Crisis Mapping the Philippines