What is Mistletoe, Anyway?

parasite (PAIR-uh-site) noun. organism that lives and feeds on another organism. ‘Tis the season . . . to kiss beneath a parasitic plant? While sprigs of mistletoe adorn doorways around the world, most people probably don’t know that the plant is a parasite. Parasites live and feed on other organisms. In the case of mistletoe, the plant lives on the branches of trees. Its roots … Continue reading What is Mistletoe, Anyway?

Researchers Save Albino Redwood

ENVIRONMENT For decades, a redwood tree has grown in Cotati, California. Mixed among its normal green needles are ghostly patches of yellowish white. It was little noticed by most people—until officials announced that the tree had to be chopped down. Now arborists, researchers, and historians have banded together to save it. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand albino redwoods. Discussion Ideas Albinism … Continue reading Researchers Save Albino Redwood