What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? We Have Five Ways to Help You Keep It!

Did you know that the United States government has a resource to help you achieve some of the most common resolutions? (Yes, the PDF is still available during the shutdown.) I’ll bet most people can guess the resolutions that made the list: losing weight, managing stress, saving money and getting a better education, among others. Did your resolution focus on education? If so, congrats! You’re already … Continue reading What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? We Have Five Ways to Help You Keep It!

Make Waves in Your Classroom!

Do you know what your students think about water? Do they think it’s tasteless and that rainy days are no fun because recess is indoors? Or do they love to explore puddles and think that water is essential to growing plants and animals? If kids near you are not sure why water (and protecting water) matters, how do you turn their misconceptions into learning experiences? One way to … Continue reading Make Waves in Your Classroom!

Cool Opportunity: “Burst” Into Learning

Registration is Open NOW for the 2014 Winter Session of the NEON Citizen Science Academy.  CSA 502 “Using Project BudBurst Data in An Educational Setting” features an exciting new set of online data visualization tools developed by the National Geographic FieldScope program. It will also cover plant adaptations to a changing climate and links between Project BudBurst data and other broadscale data sets. This course is offered in one … Continue reading Cool Opportunity: “Burst” Into Learning