Hooray for Humpbacks

ENVIRONMENT An Earth Day success story! Most humpback whale populations may soon be off the endangered species list. “We live in an age where all we hear is terrible news,” says one expert. “[T]he fact that something as iconic and amazing as a humpback whale can be taken off the endangered list is a phenomenal thing.” (San Jose Mercury News) Learn more about humpbacks’ incredible … Continue reading Hooray for Humpbacks

Marine Myths Measured

SCIENCE The ocean is home to some of the world’s biggest creatures. The ocean is also home to big exaggerations. So, how big do the biggest animals in the ocean get? (National Geographic) Put size into perspective with our activity—size yourself up to a blue whale! Teachers, scroll down for a short list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Thanks to my favorite and … Continue reading Marine Myths Measured

Beached. Blue. Bloated.

SCIENCE A dead blue whale washed up on the shore of a small fishing town in Newfoundland last week. A bloated, beached, blubbery bomb of a blue whale. As of Thursday morning, the carcass is still intact, but onlookers are worried that it might soon explode. Literally. (The Atlantic) Use our resources to learn more about the life and death of blue whales.   Discussion … Continue reading Beached. Blue. Bloated.

Creature Feature: Ocean Animals

From 2009-2012, National Geographic Education Programs was honored to receive two grants from Oracle totaling two million dollars. These funds were used to address issues in ocean science and geography, including the impact of human activities on the ocean and ocean conservation. With the help of Oracle, National Geographic Education Programs was able to create more than 500 unique ocean education assets (all available for … Continue reading Creature Feature: Ocean Animals