Weekly Warm-Up: Weather-Proof Your Field Trips With GeoTours!

Looking for a way to show your students around the United States and Canada without actually setting foot outside of your classroom? Check out National Geographic Education‘s State GeoTours created by the Network of Alliances for Geographic Education. National Geographic challenged Alliance Coordinators and teachers around the U.S. to use MapMaker Interactive to create individualized tours of each state and Canada. You and your students can click through … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: Weather-Proof Your Field Trips With GeoTours!

Geography Awareness Week 2008 “In the Field.”


Since our last update,
we’ve continued to collect information—news articles, stories, videos,
photos, and more—from Geography Awareness Week celebrations occurring across
the country November 16-22.

Here are some recent examples from our My Wonderful World
public engagement coordinators (PECs)
and other members of National Geographic’s networks of state-based geographic
*; these are our geography education activists and practitioners
“in the field.”


Chronicle: Mast Way School

This heartwarming ten minute video showcases the work of 4th
grade New Hampshire teacher David McCormick.  David spearheaded
a year-long, school-wide geography theme at Mast Way Elementary School, infusing geography
across the curriculum along with technology, physical education, language arts,
mathematics, and history. Hear from David, who is a recipient of the National
Council for Geographic Education’s Distinguished Teaching award, as well as the
school principal and NH Geographic Alliance Coordinator Kristi Alvarez. Watch
as students navigate their way through the woods with GPS and move like animals
on a giant map of Asia. Great stuff!
Submitted by Joseph
Kerski, ESRI Education

National Geographic Education intern Ashley Pipkin, who is currently pursuing a
graduate degree in geography at Texas A&M, helps disseminate geographic
knowledge from a booth at the Advancing Geospatial Skills in Science and Social
Science (AGSSS) Worldfest event in Bryan, Texas.

Submitted by Sandra Metoyer, Texas A&M Department of Geography

Ashley1_TXWorldfest Kids_TxWorldFest
students hone their map skills at the Worldfest event.


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