The Road Map Project

The Road Map Project brought together experts in geography, education, and research from across the U.S. to create a set of landmark reports focusing on key issues for educational improvement: instructional materials for students, education of teachers, assessment, research, and public attitudes. These road map reports will chart a course for the large-scale improvement of K-12 geography education in the U.S. Funded by a 2-year, … Continue reading The Road Map Project

Polar-Palooza brings Poles to the public

I’m feeling green. Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, was chock full o’ everything one could imagine in shades of emerald, olive, and kelly: clovers, clothing, even the Chicago River! Daylight Savings has increased the window of opportunity to view the newly emerging, verdant spring growth. And last Thursday Polar-Palooza succeeded in eloquently articulating the “green” message of environmental sustainability in a fun, one-of-a-kind event. Polar-Palooza is … Continue reading Polar-Palooza brings Poles to the public