Uncovering the British Atlantis

WORLD Doggerland, a lost world off the British coast that was flooded thousands of years ago, is slowly revealing its secrets. (Telegraph) Use our resources to explore the “British Atlantis” of Doggerland, and relate this content to Common Core and other standards with this handy blog post! Discussion Ideas Why does the Telegraph call the ancient region of Doggerland a “British Atlantis”? British: The marshy, … Continue reading Uncovering the British Atlantis

Surfing Hawaiian Culture

SPORTS Surfing was once the sport of island chiefs. Today, it binds Hawaiians to their cultural identity. (National Geographic magazine) Learn more about surfing with our resources! Discussion Ideas Read through our great encyclopedic entry on surfing, and take a look at the graphic above. What type of wood do you think ancient Hawaiians used to make paipo, alaia, and olo surfboards? (Get to know … Continue reading Surfing Hawaiian Culture

#tbt: “Hell sure is a popping!”

How National Geographic Mapped a World at War By Michael Fry Senior Map Librarian, National Geographic Library From the earliest issues, National Geographic magazine’s map supplements were topical and timely, of equal interest to geographers and observers of world affairs. Polar exploration, the Spanish-American and Boer Wars, the decades-long effort to construct a canal across Central America—all were featured in the magazine’s pages, and all … Continue reading #tbt: “Hell sure is a popping!”

Tracking the History of Skiing

SPORTS An ancient culture in the Chinese Altay Mountains offers a glimpse of how skiing evolved. (National Geographic Magazine) Use our resources to learn more about the evolution of skiing. Discussion Ideas Look at the map above. Why do you think cultures in Scandinavia and the Altay Mountains developed skiing cultures? How did skiing benefit these communities? According to the Nat Geo magazine article, “[W]hoever … Continue reading Tracking the History of Skiing

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day

News_WWD_V2.jpgIt’s World Water Day, an occasion to celebrate the miraculous liquid that bathes more than 2/3 of our planet and sustains all life.

We’re continuing the fiesta de agua all year long as we look toward
Geography Awareness Week 2010: “Freshwater.” Check out the March
edition of the newsletter
for more information on what’s in store for November 14-20.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here are our picks for the top 5 ways to celebrate liquid life today, World Water Day.

1. Check out National Geographic magazine in all its watery blue glory.
In recognition of World Water Day, National Geographic magazine will offer a free interactive version of its April single-topic issue, Water: Our Thirsty World. Between March 22 and April 2, anyone can visit nationalgeographic.com/freshwater to download the April issue for free. In addition to all the material in the print issue, readers of the digital issue will get animated images, photo slide shows, and more.

We encourage you to take advantage of the special, limited-time offer; after April 2 access to the new e-zine will cost you $5.95 an issue. Be one of the first to experience this innovative technology and tell us here on the blog what you think!

Continue reading “Top 5 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day”