Meet the Real ‘Big Bird’

SCIENCE Today’s biggest flier, the royal albatross, wouldn’t have looked so big compared to Pelagornis sandersi, a giant flying seabird that lived some 25 million years ago and belonged to a family of now-extinct “toothed” birds. (Nat Geo Kids) Read about other “flying monsters” here. Teachers, scroll all the way down for a short list of key resources in our “Teachers’ Toolkit.” Discussion Ideas The … Continue reading Meet the Real ‘Big Bird’

A Trick with a World Treat

FUN It’s nearly mid-October! Which means that anyplace you go, at least in the United States, you’re inundated with cinnamon-scented, ’tis-the-season tidings. But, let’s get to one of the best holidays first: Halloween. And let’s save some endangered species while doing it up. Here at National Geographic we’re on a mission (always) and we have a sneaking suspicion that many of you will like this one. Meet Mission: Animal … Continue reading A Trick with a World Treat

Go on Assignment for National Geographic: The Engineering Exploration Challenge

This spring, you’re on assignment for National Geographic. It’s time to test your creative ingenuity and engineering smarts with a brand new, hands-on program from National Geographic—the National Geographic Kids Engineering Exploration Challenge! Students ages 6-18 worldwide are invited to design, build, and test solutions to real-world problems that National Geographic explorers face in the field every day. Submit your solution to National Geographic by … Continue reading Go on Assignment for National Geographic: The Engineering Exploration Challenge

Why Children Need To Care About the Ocean

This blog is written by outdoors family blogger Laure Latham, as a part of the Geography Awareness blog-a-thon.  When I started thinking about GeoWeek’s blog-a-thon, I considered the meaning of geography. In simple words, geography is the science of places and the relationships between people and their environments. It’s the land, the water, the people and everything else around. Based on that definition, I needed to know why geography … Continue reading Why Children Need To Care About the Ocean

August 2010 Newsletter

Read the August 2010 Newsletter: “Inspire students to take action this year!”

Editor’s Pick: Special Guest Blogger Elisabeth Soep talks about her inspiring new book,
Drop That Knowledge: Youth Radio Stories.

August Challenge: Plan a service-learning project
GeoFeature: 4-H2O: National Youth Science Day
GeoNews: U.N. declares “International Year of Youth”
Blog: A Kid, a Campaign, Iceland

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