Mapping Matatus

GEOGRAPHY Just as New York commuters can plot their subway routes, residents of Nairobi can now jack into the city’s informal bus system on their smartphones. (Wired) Use our GeoStory to navigate other transit systems around the world. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources, including pocket-sized and wall-sized versions of the new Nairobi transit map. Discussion Ideas The terrific new mapping … Continue reading Mapping Matatus

The United States of Emoji

UNITED STATES Did you know that 74% of Americans report using emoji every single day? What states are using what emoji? Sure, Alaskans are fishers and Washingtonians love music . . . but what is Vermonters’ fascination with smiling poo? (Tech Crunch) Use our U.S. MapMaker Kit to label and navigate the United States of emoji! Educators, scroll down for a quick list of key resources … Continue reading The United States of Emoji

Weekly Warm-Up: The Very First Text

Stump your students by posing the question: What was the very first text? In our tech-driven world, this is sort of a trick question. Your students will LOL when they find out that many scholars consider the first text to be a book printed with moveable type. The Gutenberg Bible is celebrated by many scholars as the first book printed with moveable type in the 15th century. … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: The Very First Text

Tech Industry Earns Some Cred

TECHNOLOGY A leader in the small but growing industry of “coder boot camps” announced plans to develop a new set of credentials aimed at certifying the skills these programs teach. (NPR) Use our resources to learn more about coding and why it’s so important to education. Teachers: Scroll all the way down for a short list of key resources in our “Teachers’ Toolkit.” Discussion Ideas … Continue reading Tech Industry Earns Some Cred