Media Monday: Hanging out on Aquarius

Google+ has been actively promoting its new Hangout tool, a video chat allowing multiple individuals to “hang out” virtually with each other over an online platform.  From a mobile phone or computer, friends and family can swap stories with up to 9 individuals at a time.  Many of these conversations take place around the dinner table, at a work desk, or on a comfortable couch.  Few, if any, however, take place under the sea.  
National Geographic thought this ought to change, and therefore, invited scientists and filmmakers aboard Aquarius Reef Base to take part in an hour-long Hangout with some of us back here on dry land. The Hangout was broadcast live on National Geographic’s Google+ account, as well as on YouTube. Andrew Howley of the National Geographic Society moderated the discussion with invited discussants Dr. Sylvia Earle, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence; DJ Roller, a filmmaker; Dr. Mark Patterson, a Professor at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences; and Dale Stokes, a researcher at the Scripps Institute. Joining Andrew in the discussion from dry land were four participants: Brandon, Lisa, Philip, and Becca, each posing thought-provoking questions around the topics of teaching, education, shark diving, and university studies.
Watch the video below to view the discussion, or read the Explorers Journal for even more about the Hangout. 
Video courtesy of National Geographic.

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