Win Hearts, Save Animals

Hands down, the best week in elementary school was that which led up to Valentine’s Day. Mini mail cubbies would overflow with pink, red, and white paper shapes covered in squiggly notes and stickers. Crowd-sourced love notes from classmates turned into a high-stakes mystery; you couldn’t help the urge to read between the lines wondering which messages really meant it. Here at National Geographic, our kid-savvy team created some adorable … Continue reading Win Hearts, Save Animals

Kids Summer Mission Animal Rescue Challenge!

What do your kids usually notice when visiting the zoo? Are they awed by the orangutans? Do they shriek when the lions roar and giggle while the sea lions play? The zoo is certainly a lot of fun, and that makes it a great tool for teaching kids (and parents!) about conservation! Experiencing animals safely up close is a wonderful way to learn about them, … Continue reading Kids Summer Mission Animal Rescue Challenge!