Forecasting ‘The Longest Day’

WORLD Why was the Normandy invasion so successful? According to Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower, “Because we had better meteorologists than the Germans!” (USA Today) Use our resources to remember D-Day. Discussion Ideas According to the USA Today article, D-Day was delayed a day due to “heavy seas, high winds, and thick cloud cover.” Why would each of these weather patterns deter the invasion? Read … Continue reading Forecasting ‘The Longest Day’

‘People’s Republic of Amnesia’

WORLD China has tightened security and widened a clampdown on dissent, ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, creating what one writer calls the ‘People’s Republic of Amnesia.’ (BBC and National Geographic News) Use our resources to remember the protests. Watch Tiananmen’s “Tank Man” in the most powerful piece of civil rights footage in 50 years. Discussion Ideas Why is “amnesia” such … Continue reading ‘People’s Republic of Amnesia’

Russia Restricts GPS

WORLD Russia has started to impose restrictions on Global Positioning System (GPS) base stations in Russia, as retribution for the refusal of the United States to allow similar base stations on American territory that would improve the accuracy of Russia’s navigation system, GLONASS. (New York Times) Use our resources to better understand GPS. Discussion Ideas Read through the NY Times article. Why are American and … Continue reading Russia Restricts GPS

Thai Leader: ‘It’s No Use’ to Protest

WORLD Thailand’s junta leader warned citizens not to cause trouble, not to criticize, not to protest—or else face a return to the “old days” of street violence. (Associated Press) Use our resources to learn more about protests. Discussion Ideas What is a junta? (Use our glossary to get an idea.) The United States has not had a military junta, but many nations have. What are … Continue reading Thai Leader: ‘It’s No Use’ to Protest

New Pentagon Dress Code Stirs Debate

UNITED STATES The Pentagon took steps to give individual troops greater latitude to wear religious clothing with their uniforms, but some Sikh groups say the new policy falls short. (Reuters) Use our resources to better understand Sikh articles of faith, including turbans and uncut hair. Discussion Ideas Read through our “media spotlight” on Sikh dastaars, or turbans. Discuss the “Three Rs of religious liberty” and … Continue reading New Pentagon Dress Code Stirs Debate