Medieval Potion Kills Modern Superbug

HEALTH It might sound like a really old wives’ tale, but a 1,000-year-old Anglo-Saxon potion may hold the key to wiping out the modern-day superbug MRSA. (CNN) Use our microscopic image to get a good look at MRSA. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Watch this terrific video about the AncientBiotics Project! Discussion Ideas The medieval treatment … Continue reading Medieval Potion Kills Modern Superbug

Google Science Fair Winners

SCIENCE Think about what you love, what you’re good at, and what you really want to change. Think about entering Google Science Fair 2015. But first, think about how these young scientists are changing the world, from world hunger to environmental clean-ups. (Google Science Fair) Use our resources to see where science can take your career. And the winners are . . . Natural Bacteria … Continue reading Google Science Fair Winners