The Geography of a Suburban Farm

Jillian Levine lives in Maryland, where she works as an assistant market manager for Butler’s Orchard. For more information about Butler’s Orchard, visit or email Jillian at If you’ve ever traveled through the suburbs of upper Montgomery County, Maryland, you might be surprised to come across Butler’s Orchard, a family-owned and operated market and 300-acre Pick-Your-Own orchard. Nestled in between sprawling suburbs and new housing … Continue reading The Geography of a Suburban Farm

Wheels of Change in Baltimore

By Lacey Hankin, National Geographic Education Baltimore is both famous and infamous for its Inner Harbor waterfront. The city draws thousands of tourists to its historical harbor attractions, but the water is so polluted that you need to keep a safe distance. The harbor consistently receives a failing grade in its annual Chesapeake Bay Report Card, which has spurred citywide efforts to improve the state of the … Continue reading Wheels of Change in Baltimore

Wild Montgomery Walk About

Follow eight Poolesville High School students as they hike, bike, and boat 25 miles in the name of science across Gaithersburg, Maryland. This adventure introduced its students to wild discoveries of what exists in their backyard. Trek along! How do you get your kids involved in the geography of their communities?   My Wonderful World Home | About My Wonderful World | Sign Up for … Continue reading Wild Montgomery Walk About