Every Human Has Rights: A Photographic Declaration for Kids

National Geographic Books has produced a new work for young people called “Every Human Has Rights: A Photographic Declaration for Kids.”

Based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this compelling book combines stunning National Geographic photography and poetry from students in the ePaLs community with kid-friendly adaptations of the Human Rights Declaration official text.

Among the more geographic rights outlined in the book are human equality, safety, movement, refuge, nationality, religion, health, and education. Graffiti-like script and judicious incorporation of white space, coupled with bold statements about the track records of various world nations, create a dramatic narrative: “Tanzania has a mixed record on human rights. It honors some, like freedom of speech, but not others, such as equal rights for woman….Cuba, where everyone has the right to free education and free health care, but elections aren’t free and fair.”

My favorite excerpt is this simple testament from 11-year-old Anjali Nemorin:

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