Seal Scat, Plastic Pollution

ENVIRONMENT Tiny pieces of plastics are turning up in the feces of seals that feed on whole fish, demonstrating how seaborne contamination can move up the food chain. (Seeker) Use our inquiry-based activity to help guide student discussion about human impact on ocean animals. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas New research documents the presence … Continue reading Seal Scat, Plastic Pollution

World’s Smallest Porpoise Is on the Verge of Extinction

ENVIRONMENT Vaquitas’ numbers have dropped precipitously because of illegal gillnet fishing. (Nat Geo News) Use our resources to learn a little about porpoises. Discussion Ideas The short Nat Geo News article attributes the dwindling population of vaquitas to illegal gillnet fishing. What are gillnets? According to the good folks at the Safina Center, “a gillnet is a large net wall that hangs vertically in the … Continue reading World’s Smallest Porpoise Is on the Verge of Extinction