Mapping Monday: MapMaker Interactive Tutorials

This Mapping Monday, we’re sharing some user-generated tutorials for our MapMaker Interactive. The MapMaker Interactive is a online mapping tool that allows students (or for that matter, anyone!) to explore the world using map themes, data and tools. Our online map makes it easy for students to visually explore and interact with our interconnected social and physical Earth systems.   Using this powerful mapping tool … Continue reading Mapping Monday: MapMaker Interactive Tutorials

Mapping Tools to Teach English Language Arts?

Have you ever thought about using interactive mapping to teach English Language Arts? By creating GeoTours you can do just that! A new feature on the MapMaker Interactive lets you create your own set of links, or GeoTour, that you can save and share with the world. Creating, sharing, and collaborating on GeoTours can be a great project for students. Using a class reading assignment, students can … Continue reading Mapping Tools to Teach English Language Arts?

What’s New on

You may have noticed that we’ve added a couple of new features to One is Back to School: Global Schools, Global Students, which has tools and resources for you—whether you’re a teacher, student, or parent—to use all year. It’s got a special My Wonderful World-PTA Kit, plus information on how teens can become international journalists. Another new section is Games & Cool Stuff, which … Continue reading What’s New on