Mexican Languages at Risk of Extinction

WORLD Of the 143 native languages in Mexico, 60 are at risk of being silenced forever, linguists say. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to learn about Zapotec, Chatino, Seri, and other languages of the Americas. Discussion Ideas Take a look at the “Language Diversity Index” map layer in our MapMaker Interactive. The Language Diversity Index measures the diversity of languages spoken in a country. How linguistically diverse … Continue reading Mexican Languages at Risk of Extinction

Deciphering Teenage Grunts. DUH.

SCIENCE Linguists Try to Decipher Teenage Grunts Clearly, linguistics exists just so we can give a technical description of those hard-to-spell sounds that erupt from callow youths. yeeah. The eye-rolls are vital. Discussion Ideas: Alveolar glides, affricates, glottal stops. Do students think linguists invented these terms to better understand teenage speech patterns? Unlikely. These are words or descriptions that apply to very specific sounds made … Continue reading Deciphering Teenage Grunts. DUH.

Linguists Identify 15,000-Year-Old Words

SCIENCE Linguists Identify 15,000-Year-Old Words Researchers have come up with a list of about two dozen words that have survived, fundamentally unchanged, for 150 centuries throughout Europe and Asia. Discussion Ideas: The Washington Post article explains how research into “proto-Eurasiatic” language focused on comparing words in different language families. Language families are not the same as languages. A language family is group of languages with … Continue reading Linguists Identify 15,000-Year-Old Words