Thunderbolts and Lightning

SCIENCE Everyone knows what lightning sounds like: thunder. Now, for the first time, scientists have turned a thunderclap into an image. (Nature) Thunderbolts and lightning, very very enlightening . . . Learn more with our encyclopedic entry. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. The video shows the lightning, the image below shows the thunder. Discussion Ideas Scientists recently … Continue reading Thunderbolts and Lightning

Geography in the News: A Billion Lightning Strikes

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM Lightning can be both beautiful and deadly. Knowing where lightning occurs across the Earth is important for many economic and safety-related reasons. Every year lightning strikes kill approximately 2,000 people and many farm and wild animals worldwide. In the United States, lightning is the second-highest storm-related killer, killing about two dozen people annually. Only … Continue reading Geography in the News: A Billion Lightning Strikes

Shocking News

SCIENCE A bolt from the blue has many powers. But until now, no one suspected that lightning can be a major sculptor of mountains. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand weathering, the process that shapes mountains through lightning and more familiar forces. Discussion Ideas Read through the short Nat Geo News article. How did the scientists identify lightning-shaped areas in the Drakensberg … Continue reading Shocking News

Lightning Threatens Developing Countries

TECHNOLOGY Developing countries have long lists of problems—illiteracy, disease, hunger, corruption. There’s one more problem that has gotten less attention, until recently: Lightning strikes. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand lightning. Discussion Ideas Read through our activity “Measuring Weather.” How do you think meteorologists and other scientists measure lightning? Do you think they use any of the tools reviewed in the activity? … Continue reading Lightning Threatens Developing Countries