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Green Summer at Nat Geo



Last spring, I wrote about ways that I, personally, am going green, as well as steps National Geographic is taking as an organization to green its facilities and practices.

For my own part, the quest for the emerald standard continues–can anyone really claim to have “achieved” greendom? This summer, I’m foregoing the air conditioner, which those who are familiar with D.C. in August can appreciate. Let’s just say you can take the swamp out of the city, but you can’t quite take the city out of the swamp.

National Geographic, also, has racked up some impressive green feats just this week, which I thought I’d share with you all. Not to toot our own horn too much, but I think it’s worth celebrating, and I’m proud to work for an organization that stands true to its mission!

NG Receives Bronze Bicycle Award

Monday, at a ceremony in 100 degree heat, National Geographic was conferred a bronze-level, “Bicycle-Friendly Business” rating by the League of American Bicyclists. NG joins approximately 40 businesses nationwide, out of nearly 300 total that have applied, in attaining LAB recognition for its practices; which include more than 144 covered bicycle parking spots, onsite bike repair stations, bicycle safety classes, employee incentives such as a guaranteed ride home program, and flexible work options.

As a new bicycle commuter myself (as a result of my move further away from the office), I am very grateful to have these services available!

Silver…and Gold!

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