Holiday Geocrafts and treats

Thumbnail image for cookieornament.jpgThe holidays are a great time to explore the geography of a new travel destination, rediscover the geography of your local community, or take part in fun geography crafts and games at home. Try to plan at least one geography-themed family activity over the holidays. Here are a few ideas:

1) Play a geography trivia or board game like Brain Quest, World Wise, or Passport to Culture

2) If traveling, let the kids play navigator and program the GPS device. Or, go old-school and chart your route on a map.

3) Bake a cake or sheet of gingerbread. Using candy and icing, decorate it with a map of your holiday travel plans or an upcoming trip.

4) Bake a traditional ethnic treat, such as Danish rice pudding, able skiver pancakes, or potato latkes.

5) Instead of the traditional gingerbread house, build a global village out of candy! Make an adobe abode for warm-weather dwellers, an igloo, maybe even an eco-home. Get creative!

Here are some more holiday tips from National Geographic Kids:

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