And you thought that world music was corny…

What are your thoughts on world music? If you are like me, you may have associated the term with pan flutes and steel drums… maybe not exactly the most modern or exciting thing to listen to (no offense dad). Despite these initial perceptions of world music, the planet is full of progressive, modern, and quite frankly- some of the coolest music I’ve ever heard. Today, I want to showcase some music from different parts of the globe.
From the 16th Century to 1975, Angola, located in Sub Saharan Africa, was a Portuguese colony. As is common in most colonial relationships, much culture was shared between the two countries during the period of foreign rule, and the legacy continues into the present. In this instance, the sharing of cultures has manifested itself in contemporary music. Buraka Som Sistema, a group hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, have made a name for themselves by putting a hip-hop spin on a traditional form of Angolan music known as Kuduro. Kuduro itself is a hybrid, fusing African tribal elements with Caribbean rhythms and Portuguese lyrics. Check out this sweet video that showcases the intense sounds and languid dance moves that traditionally accompany Kuduro.

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