Aakriti Krishnan: My Visit to Kaveri

Aakriti is in class six of The Hyderabad Public School. She likes writing, reading, and going to school. Her favorite subjects are math, english and physics. Her hobbies are singing, swimming, and playing the guitar.

Aakriti_Krishnan_Pic3.jpgI went to a beautiful place during my Dassera holiday. It was a surprise trip arranged by my father. It was a six hour drive from Bangalore. The place was called Coorg. On my visit to Coorg, I saw the river Kaveri, which is a freshwater river.

The river was not dry or too full, it was just perfect. I had the pleasure of taking a boat ride on this beautiful river. Kaveri is the main source of water in many regions of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The main dams built on the Kaveri are the Krishnasagar dam located in Mysore and the Mettur dam in Tamil Nadu.

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