Five for Friday: Reasons Why I Loved Being a Geography Intern

Today is my last day as a Fall 2010 Geography Intern at National Geographic. The occasion is bittersweet as I am excited to move on, but also very sad to say goodbye to all of the people and the wonderful projects that have made the last few months so fulfilling.

To keep up the MWW Blog tradition of having a “Five for Friday” post on Fridays, I have decided to make this Friday’s post about the five things from my internship that I have enjoyed the most and will miss the most after I leave.

Luke_Dollar.jpg1. Meeting Fascinating Photographers, Writers, Explorers, and More
One of my favorite things to do, especially now that I have graduated from college, is meet and talk with adults about their careers, what they do, and how they got to where they are today. I was fortunate enough to meet several people who either work for or are affiliated with National Geographic during my internship. These people included a photographer who specializes in wildfire photography, an explorer who studies an endemic species in Madagascar, the founder of the Conservation Fund, and the head of the National Geographic Maps division. Each person was a veteran and expert in their respective field, and I learned a great deal and felt inspired from each and every one of them.

2. Making 10 Awesome Friends
…and I could not be more thankful for it. Spending time with my fellow interns, bonding with people who share a similar love for geography, and developing a special form of camaraderie made coming to work every day and living in a new place especially fun and enjoyable. I want to send a shout-out to my fellow interns, and say thank you for being one of the most fun-loving, enthusiastic, motivated, and inspiring bunch of kids I’ve ever had the benefit of spending so much time with. You guys rock.   

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Welcome Fall 2010 Intern Jane Mulcahy!

Hello My Wonderful World readers! My name is Jane, and I am a geography intern with National Geographic Education this fall. I recently graduated from Syracuse University, where I majored in geography. I have participated in many geographical-endeavors, of which my favorites include studying Hawaiian culture at the University of Hawaii, doing conservation work in Sydney, Australia, repairing school buildings in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and doing geography research at Syracuse University. My academic interests include but are not limited to cultural and urban studies, race and race relations, and sustainable agriculture.

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