Astronaut Wants Our Help!

SCIENCE The European Space Agency is asking people to choose a name for British astronaut Tim Peake’s next mission to the International Space Station. (BBC) Any name is going to have a hard time topping this. Discussion Ideas The European Space Agency (ESA) competition to name Tim Peake’s mission is open to citizens or residents of all ESA member states. (Take a look here for … Continue reading Astronaut Wants Our Help!

Coming to You Live… From Space!

Have you ever wondered what was happening in space, up in the stars at this very moment? What astronauts might be doing or exploring or thinking? Tonight, you can find out! It takes the International Space Station (ISS) 90 minutes to circle the Earth, and National Geographic is inviting you along for the ride! Join National Geographic Channel tonight, Friday March 14 for Live From … Continue reading Coming to You Live… From Space!