Bog Down, Wind’s Up

ENVIRONMENT Peat has been used as a source of energy in Ireland for at least 1,000 years. But it may be on its way out, as the Emerald Isle turns to another energy source of which it has unlimited quantities: Wind. (The Economist) Use our study guide to learn about peat, the forgotten fossil fuel. Discussion Ideas The short Economist article details how Ireland is … Continue reading Bog Down, Wind’s Up

Weekly Warm-Up: What’s Up with St. Patrick’s Day?

Next week, the world will celebrate the day of green, shamrocks, and hopefully a little luck—that’s right, Saint Patrick’s Day. Who was St. Patrick? Learn a little about him here. Saint Patrick is one of three patron saints of Ireland, and easily the most well-known. (Ireland’s other patron saints are St. Brigit and St. Columba.) Patrick was born Maewyn Succat in Roman Britain around 390, … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: What’s Up with St. Patrick’s Day?

Who Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day?

WORLD Estimates for the size of the “Irish diaspora” vary hugely, from three million to 70 million depending on who is talking. Where are they? (Irish Times) Use our mapping and instructional resources to learn more about the Irish diaspora and push and pull factors involved in such migration. Then, learn a little about St. Patrick’s Day—or should that be St. Maewyn’s Day?—in This Day … Continue reading Who Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day?

Google Science Fair Winners

SCIENCE Think about what you love, what you’re good at, and what you really want to change. Think about entering Google Science Fair 2015. But first, think about how these young scientists are changing the world, from world hunger to environmental clean-ups. (Google Science Fair) Use our resources to see where science can take your career. And the winners are . . . Natural Bacteria … Continue reading Google Science Fair Winners

Apple Questioned Over Taxes

BUSINESS Apple Questioned Over Taxes Apple Inc.’s tax methods have been questioned by a Senate committee that has accused the company of being “among America’s largest tax avoiders.” Watch this video to understand how billion-dollar corporations enjoy a tax haven in Ireland. Discussion Ideas: Taking advantage of Ireland’s low corporate tax rates, Apple Inc. paid just 1.9% tax on its $37 billion in overseas profits … Continue reading Apple Questioned Over Taxes