ISIS Targets Humanity’s Shared History

WORLD National Geographic Archaeology Fellow Fred Hiebert puts into perspective Islamic State’s recent, widely publicized destruction of artifacts and archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria. (National Geographic News) Learn why globe-traveling archaeologist Fred Hiebert thinks “being an educator” is the most exciting part of his job. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including a link to today’s … Continue reading ISIS Targets Humanity’s Shared History

What is ISIS?

WORLD Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), is responsible for the horrific beheadings of two American hostages. What is Islamic State, and what are its objectives? (BBC) Use our resources to learn more about conflict in Iraq. Discussion Questions The BBC article says that Islamic State is as dangerous as al-Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for 9/11. What are similarities … Continue reading What is ISIS?

Start your own Iraq Study Group

Subscribe to this blog’s feed Image courtesy of Last night President Bush revealed his new plan for the Iraq war. This strategy is based on the findings of the “Petraeus Report” issued earlier this week by General David Petraeus and Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker. A key issue addressed in the report, and mentioned no less than five times in Bush’s speech: sectarian violence. … Continue reading Start your own Iraq Study Group