Olympic-Size Challenges for Host Cities

WORLD The International Olympic Committee has cited serious challenges facing the two bids for the 2022 Winter Olympics. (Associated Press) Learn more about sports of the Winter Olympics with our short article. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit, including today’s polls and MapMaker Interactive map. Discussion Ideas According to the AP, what are some advantages and disadvantages … Continue reading Olympic-Size Challenges for Host Cities

Sports Seek 2020 Olympic Spot

SPORTS The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will meet later this week to make some key decisions about the 2020 Summer Olympics. One of the most contentious decisions is whether to add a new sport to the existing roster: wrestling, squash, or baseball-softball. Right now, the IOC can only add one sport to keep the number of sports to 28—but that rule could be overturned, too. … Continue reading Sports Seek 2020 Olympic Spot