Blog-A-Thon Entry 3: Working to Make A Difference

Our third submission
for the day is from Veronica Del Bianco, a 4-H Agent at LSU Agcenter. Find out
how Veronica is working to spread the message of interdependence everyday!

4H kid shovel.jpg

There are
certain places in the world where the population is more aware of their geography
than others, and New Orleans, Louisiana is definitely one of them.  We sit below sea level surrounded by water –
fresh, brackish, and salt. Each day the Gulf of Mexico creeps closer and the
mighty Mississippi River flows by.  We
are the bottom of the basin that drains 41% of the continuous United States,
that’s 31 states and two Canadian provinces. 

Living in
Louisiana we are well aware of our interdependence on each other because nature
– especially water- does not know political boundaries. It just goes with the

But the
problem is that the Mississippi River brings along with it the decisions of
others in the form of pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers, and sewage. 

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Blog-A-Thon Entry 2: Oil Pollution and Justice in the Amazon

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