Inferring in Nonfiction: Going Beyond the Text

by Stephanie Harvey Inferential thinking is the bedrock of understanding. Inferring involves drawing a conclusion or making an interpretation based on information that is not explicitly stated in the text. Inferential thinking helps readers make predictions, surface themes, or draw conclusions. When reading nonfiction, readers infer from the text, but they also infer from illustrations, photographs, and graphic features such as color and design. Readers … Continue reading Inferring in Nonfiction: Going Beyond the Text

‘Sea Monster’ Caught in Australia

SCIENCE Frilled sharks are rarely seen denizens of the deep that resemble their dinosaur-era ancestors. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to learn more about some dinosaur-era “Sea Monsters.” Teachers, scroll down for a coloring page and a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas Read our activity “Sea Monsters: Unpack the Evidence.” Review its central questions and concepts: What is evidence? … Continue reading ‘Sea Monster’ Caught in Australia