Weekly Reminder of Why I Come to Work Every Day

I began a new year of work Monday with a computer that I could not log into and a phone line that went straight to voicemail and would not receive incoming calls. A frustrating way to kick off 2011, no doubt, but in a large organization, I suppose you are bound to have the occasional hardware malfunction. And so I tried to make lemonade out of lemons, spending a good portion of the day getting around to those crucial tasks I never seem to find time for: cleaning up my workspace, sorting through old files, reading bygone reports, etc. It turned out to be a very productive day; I was pleased with my own patience and adaptability. And it sure was nice to arrive to a sparkling office Tuesday morning.

When I logged onto my computer (already off to a blazing start compared with the previous day), I encountered this story on the Insider, National Geographic’s intranet portal:

NG [Nat Geo] Maps Travel to Haiti

The brief article read:

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