Holiday craft idea: Make a gingerbread global village

In brainstorming holiday craft ideas, I tried to come up with something that would be geographic, gender-neutral, and fun for all ages…Why not transform the traditional gingerbread house into a gingerbread global village? You could make an adobe abode for warm-weather dwellers, an igloo, a tee-pee, an eco-home…

So, like any good researcher, I grabbed my roommates and put the idea to the test this past weekend. They made an elaborate, traditional Victorian estate complete with an ice-skating rink and outhouse. I went less traditional–and only slightly less ambitious–and built a two-story adobe home and igloo.

gingerbread_village.JPGHere are our tried-and-true recipes, tips and ideas.

You’ll need:
–Gingerbread dough (recipe below)
–icing (recipe below)
–food coloring
–rolling pin
–measuring cups and spoons
–cookie sheets
–wax paper
–clean work surface
–card stock or cardboard
–candy, such as gum drops, Life Savers, candy canes, Twizzlers, Pirouette cookies, etc.

We got the main recipe and instructions from “Elise” at Simply Recipes. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

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