Educator Spotlight: Mapping the Refugee Crisis

Nicole Eshelman, this week’s Educator of the Week, used personal stories to help students understand and empathize with refugees fleeing Syria and elsewhere. Nicole teaches history at Manheim Township High School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Activity: Mapping the Refugee Crisis Grade Level: 12 Time Commitment: Around 6 hours or five class periods Developing Global Empathy History is, of course, alive and always changing. Studying a current … Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Mapping the Refugee Crisis

Wild Montgomery Walk About

Follow eight Poolesville High School students as they hike, bike, and boat 25 miles in the name of science across Gaithersburg, Maryland. This adventure introduced its students to wild discoveries of what exists in their backyard. Trek along! How do you get your kids involved in the geography of their communities?   My Wonderful World Home | About My Wonderful World | Sign Up for … Continue reading Wild Montgomery Walk About