The World in a City

Toronto-based photographer and former high school geography and psychology teacher, Colin Boyd Shafer, stopped by National Geographic headquarters to talk about Cosmopolis Toronto, a documentary project that reveals the true diversity of Toronto through photography, stories, and mapping. See ideas below for how you, too, can connect your students to their communities and the world.   Can you find the world in one city? Inspired … Continue reading The World in a City

Hopi Fight To Halt Artifact Auction

ARTS Hopi Fight To Halt Artifact Auction An auction of  Native American artifacts scheduled for Friday in Paris is stirring up controversy on both sides of the Atlantic. Members of the Hopi tribe, native to northeastern Arizona, say that the 70 headdresses and visages (sometimes called masks) have cultural and spiritual value, and were illegally obtained. Auctioneers say the artifacts were legally purchased by a … Continue reading Hopi Fight To Halt Artifact Auction