Weekly Warm-Up: Five Winter Wonders

Temperatures are dropping (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least . . . ) and winter is coming. (The winter solstice, marking the beginning of the season, is December 22.) Warm up your classroom with these frosty winter wonders! 1. The City of Ice (Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China) For more than 30 years, the city of Harbin in Northeast China has hosted the Harbin International Ice … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: Five Winter Wonders

Snow Sculpture Geography


SnowWarrior.jpgThe Mid-Atlantic United States has been hit by not one, but two major snowstorms in the last week. The Federal Government has been closed for four days, leaving many dutiful students and employees stranded at home. In between rattling off memos and writing papers from their remote locations, some area residents have taken advantage of the rare wintry conditions to have some fun–and avoid going stir crazy during the “Snowpocalyse.”

A recent article from Fredericksburg, VA, included photos of local snow-masterpieces. I was impressed by a detailed Terra Cotta Warrior, constructed by a family who had recently visited the exhibit at our National Geographic  Museum. Another image from the snow photo gallery showed a seated male figure with chiseled abs, not unlike a Greek god. The story got me thinking: I wonder what other images of geographic snow sculptures I can find?


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