EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Google

BUSINESS The European Union has escalated its antitrust probe of Google Inc., filing formal charges against the U.S. search giant. (Wall Street Journal) Use our resources to learn more about Google’s genesis. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources. Discussion Ideas The European Union has accused Google of violating antitrust law. What are antitrust laws? Antitrust laws protect consumers from trusts and … Continue reading EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Google

Google’s Camel-Cam Street View

TECHNOLOGY It’s given us robot cars and internet-enabled glasses—but when it came to creating a “Street View” of a desert, Google hit on a low-tech solution. It hired a camel. (CNN) Use our resources to find out how else scientists and geographers obtain data—and how you can help! (Camel not required.) Discussion Ideas Google Maps’ “Street View” offers 360-degree panoramic views of almost any location … Continue reading Google’s Camel-Cam Street View

Does Google Have Class?

EDUCATION Google recently launched its latest education offering: Google Classroom. Classroom enables a teacher to create a “class” at the touch of a button. She or he can upload syllabus materials, whether text, audio or video, and send out assignments on the class news feed. Is this a good deal for educators? (NPR) Use our resources to see how Google got started, and watch this … Continue reading Does Google Have Class?

The Aerial Alphabet

I have always enjoyed looking at aerial photography. It is fascinating how the world we live in can seem so different when viewed from above. A building, for instance, is experienced internally as a series of rooms and hallways- – but look at the same structure on Google Maps and it takes on a whole new form.

Rhett Dashwood took this concept to a whole new level when he decided to use Google Maps to explore the Australian state of Victoria. The 32-year-old graphic designer set out on a mission to create an “alphabet” composed entirely of aerial photographs of natural and man-made features that bare resemblance to the Roman alphabet. His only rules: no manipulating the images in any way–meaning no “photo-shopping,” and no rotating.


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