Danny Edelson: Scaling Up Classroom Maps

Geo-Learning“Scaling Up Classroom Maps” Daniel C. EdelsonVice President, National Geographic Education Read Danny Edelson’s latest column in the Spring 2011 edition of ESRI’s ArcNews. An excerpt appears below. Usually, when you talk about the scale of a map, you’re talking about the ratio of distances on the map to distances in the real world. These days, however, when educators working with National Geographic maps talk … Continue reading Danny Edelson: Scaling Up Classroom Maps

“Paradise in Panorama:” A Giant Map for a Giant State

Giant Map.jpgHave you ever seen or even heard of a map as long as two football fields? Well, one exists, but the reason you haven’t heard of or seen it is because it’s been in hiding for the past 50 years!

SF Gate, the online companion to the San Francisco Chronicle, published an article about the map on October 3rd. “Paradise in Panorama,” as the map is called, was recently found in the San Francisco Port. You must be asking yourself: Where, how, and why would you hide a map of this size? Let’s start from the beginning of the story…

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