Blog-a-thon: UNESCO’s Geoparks “Clarify” Geotourism

This blog-a-thon excerpt comes from Johnathan Tourtellot, a National Geographic Fellow who writes for National Geographic’s Daily News blog.  To access the complete article, follow this link. In a major step forward, an International Congress in Arouca, northern Portugal, has just decided what “geotourism” means. It’s been an issue. What, you never heard of geotourism? Read on. It’s about the way we travel. Sometimes it’s … Continue reading Blog-a-thon: UNESCO’s Geoparks “Clarify” Geotourism

August 2009 Newsletter

Read the August 2009 Newsletter: How Can Geography Prepare Your Family for Disasters?

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GeoFeature: 4-H “Alert, Evacuate, and Shelter” Program
Geography in the News: GIS Aids Planners in Katrina Aftermath
Blog: Earth Science in Australia



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July 2009 Newsletter

Read the July 2009 Newsletter “Become a “Citizen Scientist””

Project Burst, “Can Plants Reveal Climate Change?”
Geography in the news: Apollo turns 40
Blog: How to find a Fossa 

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June 2009 Newsletter

Read the June 2009 Newsletter: “‘Go Local’ This Summer!”

The Slow Food Movement
Geography in the News: National Geographic Bee Finals
Blog: Natalie Wojinski Goes Local in California


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May 2009 Newsletter

Read the May 2009 Newsletter: “‘Doing’ Geography on Your Vacation This Summer.”

GeoFeature: The New Geotourism Movement
Geography in the News: Demystifying the Swine Flu Pandemic
Blog: Summer Travelpalooza



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