Scientists Debate Species of Ancient Humans Unearthed in Georgia

SCIENCE A 1.8 million-year-old skull has rekindled debate over the identity of humanity’s ancient ancestors. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand hominins and the human family tree. Discussion Ideas Read our terrific GeoStory “Hominin History,” which briefly outlines different hominin species, from S. tchadensis to H. sapiens sapiens. The authors of the new study profiled in the Nat Geo News article suggest that … Continue reading Scientists Debate Species of Ancient Humans Unearthed in Georgia

Conflict on the Georgia-Russia Border

Most of the press I’d come across prior to my somewhat more
detailed investigation into the conflict occurring between Russia and Georgia displayed Russia
as the sole aggressor in this conflict. Yet, the violence that erupted earlier
this month is much more complicated than the simple media-translated image of a
large and powerful Russia bullying a small and weaker Georgia.
And, as with most international issues, many underlying facts, as well as the
diverse responses of other nations towards the conflict, can be explained
through geography.

First, a quick (and I mean quick) summary of the recent


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