Teaching the Geography of Food

By Seth Dixon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geography, Rhode Island College  Food. It’s something we all think about, talk about, and need. Food has been one major topic of interest at National Geographic because it connects all of us to our environment. The recent global population projections for the year 2100 just went up from 9 billion to 11 billion, making the issues of food production and … Continue reading Teaching the Geography of Food

Weekly Warm-Up: For the Love of Food

Valentine’s Day may be this week, but the candy we celebrate with has been available in stores for about a month! Despite the fact that we observe Valentine’s Day for a single day, our love for sweets boosts candy sales around this time every year. In the United States, it’s common to give and receive chocolates throughout the month of February. This is a great time … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: For the Love of Food

Cake pops represent data points on a National Geographic world map.

Celebrating Geography

Today’s world is all about choices. What to buy, where to buy it, who to buy it from… and the amount of information that can impact our decisions only increases when talking about something like food. Food has been in focus at National Geographic lately, because it’s a critical juncture point when pondering our future well being. How does what we eat impact our environment and health? … Continue reading Celebrating Geography

Introducing @ProfessorDixon!

By Seth Dixon, Rhode Island College I am very pleased to be blogging for National Geographic Education; let me introduce myself.  I’m Seth Dixon, a geography professor at Rhode Island College and I also serve as the coordinator for the Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance. I love sharing digital teaching resources and pieces of everyday geography– the underlying geographic context behind any news article about current … Continue reading Introducing @ProfessorDixon!