Wildfires Scorch San Diego

UNITED STATES Nine wildfires are burning across San Diego County, as record dry conditions, warm temperatures, and gusty winds contribute to an early start to the Golden State’s fire season. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to make your own fire map. Discussion Ideas Take a look at the fire map above, provided by California Fire News (CFN). Compare it with this nice map from … Continue reading Wildfires Scorch San Diego

Create and Share with MapMaker Interactive

A new tool on the MapMaker Interactive lets you create your own set of links that you can save and share with the world. Check out these example sets of links and then get started on creating your own. Physical Features of Washington, D.C. Global River Deltas Here are some steps below for creating your set of links, or as we like to call it, … Continue reading Create and Share with MapMaker Interactive