Beach Awash in Amber

WORLD A severe storm has left a Russian beach covered with pieces of amber. (St. Petersburg Times) Use our resources to understand why amber is nicknamed “fossil resin.” Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas The St. Petersburg Times—that’s St. Petersburg, Russia, not Florida!—describes Kaliningrad, the region of Russia where the amber appeared, as an “exclave.” … Continue reading Beach Awash in Amber

Not Just a Pretty Facet

SCIENCE Not Just a Pretty Facet A jewelry store is an archive of the Earth. Every gem fixed to every ring or necklace was forged deep inside our planet, according to its own recipe of elements, temperature and pressure. Discussion Ideas The article is about the importance of all jewels to the study of geology. However, Carl Zimmer, the New York Times science writer, focuses … Continue reading Not Just a Pretty Facet