Dandelions Roar to the Rescue of Polluted Oil Sands

ENVIRONMENT It wasn’t much of a bouquet—just a single lonely dandelion. But it had been plucked from the middle of a barren stretch of polluted oil sands. Researchers knew right away that made it something special. (Canadian Press) What are oil sands? What’s going on with oil sands in Canada? Get the scoop on this Geography in the News. Discussion Ideas The Globe and Mail … Continue reading Dandelions Roar to the Rescue of Polluted Oil Sands

Demise of the Clones

FOOD A fungus that threatens the world’s most popular fruit is spreading. Could this be the end of bananas? (SciShow) Use our resources to learn more about bananas and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas According to the 5-minute SciShow video, the Cavendish bananas we see in the store are … Continue reading Demise of the Clones

Lichen It Already

A lichen is not a single organism, but made up of an “alga partner” and one ortwo “fungus partners.”  With genuine apologies to Robert Burns. Their love can be a bit crustose with areoles in bloom Their love can produce thread-like string, called hyphae, when they plume Their love has colonized the Earth from deserts to the ice These extremophiles exist on sand, on trees, … Continue reading Lichen It Already