July 4th Around the World

All over the United States, we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, food, parades, and flags, all supplemented by local trends and traditions. In New York, fireworks will explode over the East River. In Washington, we’ll get a free concert on a Capitol Fourth. In Santa Fe, where I’m from, we’ll take over the town Plaza to eat pancakes. But what about Americans living overseas? For … Continue reading July 4th Around the World

Fireworks! Fun, Facts and lots of Photos for the Fourth

July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. What’s not to love about sunny weather, backyard barbecues, parades, national spirit and—of course—fireworks?! FIREWORKS! While fireworks have long been a hallmark of Independence Day celebrations in the United States—the first was in Philadelphia in 1777—the explosive concoction is much older than our nation! The first fireworks probably originated in China nearly 2,000 years ago. … Continue reading Fireworks! Fun, Facts and lots of Photos for the Fourth

Five for the Fourth

The Fourth of July is quite easily my favorite holiday. Not only does it celebrate all things American, but it falls in deep summer, a time when the fruit is juicy, the days are long, the grass is high (Dad: please don’t make me mow the lawn this weekend!) and the kids are off school—everyone’s ready to let loose. The beloved national holiday is always … Continue reading Five for the Fourth