Tell Us: What’s your take on the foreign policy debate?

Tell Us:
Did you get a chance to watch the first Presidential debate
on foreign policy Friday night? If you didn’t, get up to speed with these
recommended resources:

  1. Quotes on key foreign policy issues, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia/Georgia, and energy independence (BBC News)
  2. Watch the debate in full (BBC News)
  3. Written transcript of the debate (LA Times Blog)

What did you think of the focus on foreign policy relative
to other issues, like domestic economic policy (Of course, as new developments
in the European and Asian stock markets following last week’s bailout of
leading U.S. financial and insurance institutions reveal, U.S. economic
dynamics have great influence on the global economy and can hardly be
approached from a purely “domestic” perspective.)? Is there any specific topic
or world region you wished the candidates had addressed that they did not?


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