Educator Spotlight: Protecting Our Prairies

Kathrina O’Connell led a cross-curricular project focusing on the human impact on prairie life. Her sixth-grade students collaborated with each other and with field experts to research conservation and maintenance of land, focusing on a part of their local prairie in northwestern Minnesota. They learned to hand-harvest, scarify, and plant seeds to support the growth of prairie grass. Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Protecting Our Prairies

Bringing Arctic Field Work to Students

This blog was written by Eleanor Kemp. Kemp has been a science teacher since 2001, and she currently teaches middle school at Kenwood Academy in Chicago. Back in January, when I found out that I would be heading to the Toolik Field Station in the Alaskan Arctic, I really had no idea what to expect. How would I contribute to the research National Geographic Explorer Amanda Koltz, … Continue reading Bringing Arctic Field Work to Students

July 2010 Newsletter

Read the July 2010 Newsletter: Use geotechnology to uncover ancient and modern-day mysteries this summer!

July Challenge: Give geocaching or earthcaching a go!
GeoFeature: Gravestones and GPS
GeoNews: Join Expedition: Mongolia
Blog: Find bargains near you

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