FBI v. Apple

UNITED STATES Why won’t Apple unlock the iPhone used by a terrorist? (Fusion) Use our basic resources to introduce issues about privacy and personal territory. Do students consider data on their smartphones their “personal territory”? Scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas How did this all start? According to the genuinely great explainer from Fusion, “The FBI … Continue reading FBI v. Apple

Oakland: Robbery Capital of the U.S.

GEOGRAPHY Oakland: Robbery Capital of the U.S. Oakland, California, endures more robberies than other American cities. However, law-enforcement experts discourage reliance on such crime statistics. Why? Discussion Ideas: Oakland, California, is the “robbery capital of the United States.” Robbery is less invasive than burglary, where criminals enter a person’s home or business. It is less violent than murder or assault. After reading the Oakland Tribune … Continue reading Oakland: Robbery Capital of the U.S.