14 Things We Learned This Week!

What did you learn this week? Let us know in the comments or at education@ngs.org. This week, we learned … … that you can download and print absolutely gorgeous Landsat maps of your state. DO IT!     … “Elegy for the Arctic” is a haunting composition for piano accompanied by crumbling glacier.     … an L.A. artist’s ’emancipation project’ encourages students to create … Continue reading 14 Things We Learned This Week!

Ecuador Endures Massive Quake

WORLD This region, where the Pacific seafloor is shoving underneath South America, also produced the biggest earthquake ever recorded—and built the Andes mountains. (Scientific American) Use or video to better understand South America’s earthquakes. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including today’s simple MapMaker Interactive map. Discussion Ideas In our video “Earthquakes 101,” we learn that most … Continue reading Ecuador Endures Massive Quake

What are America’s Best ‘Geosites’?

GEOGRAPHY Members of the British public were asked to vote for the “geo-sites” they felt had done the most to shape the landscape and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. Now what about the US? (The Telegraph) Take a look through our geography resources and choose your favorites in the 10 geosite categories listed below. What are some landscapes that help define the United States? Why? There … Continue reading What are America’s Best ‘Geosites’?

Whose Fault Was It?

GEOGRAPHY The magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck California’s Napa Valley north of San Francisco on Sunday morning—collapsing older buildings, sparking fires and causing scores of injuries—fell along a series of cracks in the Earth tied to the famed and feared San Andreas Fault. (National Geographic News) Take a look at this map to see the web of faults beneath the San Francisco Bay Area. (For … Continue reading Whose Fault Was It?

What Caused the ‘Shamrock Shake’?

SCIENCE This week, a small crack unzipped under the Santa Monica Mountains north of Los Angeles, waking millions of people with a magnitude 4.4 earthquake. (LiveScience) Feel the Earth move under your feet? Watch “Earthquakes 101” to understand why. Discussion Ideas Read through the short, great LiveScience article, then take a quick look at the overview of earthquakes in our “Forces of Nature” interactive. (Earthquakes are … Continue reading What Caused the ‘Shamrock Shake’?