Creature Feature! Sssigns of Ssspring

By Bonnie Long from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality As winter fades away and the earth heats up with springtime sun, many hibernating critters begin to emerge from their long winter sleep. Be on the lookout for reptiles seeking warmth as you explore! Did you know that some snakes hibernate? A common North American group of closely related species are the Black Rat snakes. … Continue reading Creature Feature! Sssigns of Ssspring

Photograph of an apple snail.

Word of the Week: Invasive Species

invasive species (ihn-VAY-sihv SPEE-seez) noun. type of plant or animal that is not indigenous to a particular area and causes economic or environmental harm. A participant during a BioBlitz in Louisiana’s Jean Lafitte National Historical Park found this apple snail. Apple snails are native to South America. They likely entered the ecosystem around Jean Lafitte when they were released from someone’s aquarium. As an invasive species, … Continue reading Word of the Week: Invasive Species

Geography in the News: Geocaching

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM A new kind of hunter is lurking in our woods and parks, in our parking lots and shopping malls. This hunter is called a geocacher and is usually part of a team (most likely his or her own family) using a hand-held global positioning system (GPS) unit to locate a hidden stash or cache. … Continue reading Geography in the News: Geocaching

A Trick with a World Treat

FUN It’s nearly mid-October! Which means that anyplace you go, at least in the United States, you’re inundated with cinnamon-scented, ’tis-the-season tidings. But, let’s get to one of the best holidays first: Halloween. And let’s save some endangered species while doing it up. Here at National Geographic we’re on a mission (always) and we have a sneaking suspicion that many of you will like this one. Meet Mission: Animal … Continue reading A Trick with a World Treat